We were looking for new chiropractic care when we heard about Natural Arts.  We liked the family feel of the clinic and that we were greeted by name shortly after we became patients.  We have been extremely happy with the on-going care that we have received and feel like our needs for good health are truly being  cared for.  We feel blessed to have found a “home” with Natural Arts.  - Sam & Don B


About one in ten couples has trouble conceiving a child. Many try several different treatments over several years to build their family. However one treatment, that involves no medication, is bringing bundles of joy into many of them.  After waiting five and a half years, Erin Oster and her husband's dream came true and they were given a little baby girl.  "We at the beginning, could get pregnant very easily," Oster said.  "I carried my first pregnancy 22 weeks before I had an abruption, which put me into pre-term labor and at that time we lost a little girl."  

After that, she had two more miscarriages and then wasn't able to get pregnant on her own, that is, until she met Dr. Tricia.  "I saw Dr. Tricia while I was on the waiting list to get in with the fertility doctors here in Sioux Falls and with our first cycle of acupuncture, here's miss Elliot Grace," Oster said.  You heard right, acupuncture, an alternative form of healing that's been around for thousands of years. It's known to reduce pain and stress among other things, so how does it help women conceive?  

"The medical community has really embraced acupuncture with invitro fertilization and intro-uterine insemination because it can help to prepare the uterine lining," Dr. Tricia said.  She says the sterile needles placed on certain parts of the body can increase the blood flow to the uterus and ovaries. Electrical acupuncture is also used to help increase a woman's odds of conception, and the therapy is virtually painless. "It's probably no different than if somebody would come and just would lightly scratch you with their fingernail," Oster said.  It only took her one cycle, two-sessions before ovulation and one after, to conceive little Elliot and it runs in the family.  Her sister also got pregnant after seeing Dr. Tricia. It's a blessing for this family and for this doctor.  "It's unmatchable the feeling. I have five children. I love them all immensely. It's a love that you cannot duplicate, the love of a child, and to see that they have that is so fulfilling," Dr. Tricia said. - Kelli Grant 2009 Keloland TV


"Have been to numerous other doctors and I haven't felt this good for 18 years, no pain!" - C. Ribstein


In the past,  I have never found the consistency, quality care and attention that Natural Arts provides to me.  (I’ve tried many others.)  I have now been a client of Dr. Smith’s for a dozen years and would recommend him to anyone that wants the highest level of care.  Not only is the chiropractic treatment phenomenal, but the staff is amazing!  - M. Steiner


Starting a family seems like a natural form of progression for a married couple.  But for some, what should be a natural becomes stressful and devastating.  More than 10 percent of couples trying to conceive a child can't.  The standard for many women is to start taking drugs to increase ovulation and then to turn to in-vitro fertilization.  But now more and more women are turning to an ancient form of medicine and finding results they've spent years waiting for. 

When Robyn Russell and Jim Lloyd said "I do" nine years ago, they didn't want to wait long before expanding their family.  "We waited a year and then decided we were ready to try and have a family.  We just assumed it would happen".  Then 23 years old, she and her husband were both young and seemingly healthy, but were having no luck when it came to conception.  "It didn't happen and didn't happen", she says with a sad shrug. 

After four years of traveling and spending holidays alone they knew it was time to consult a doctor.  Robyn took drugs to increase ovulation, she filled out charts and when none of that worked, and nearly six years after she first tried to conceive, she was told her fallopian tubes were blocked, "I had surgery and found out it was pretty extensive" 

Her doctor then recommended in-vitro fertilization.  After trying the procedure five times over two years and spending thousands of dollars, she and Jim were still without a baby, "Oh, I cried and cried just forever.  It was really hard."  The couple had filled out forms for adoption when they heard about how acupuncture can help with infertility, "At that point we had spent enormous amounts of money, we had to try everything."

Dr. Tricia had recently started practicing the eastern form of medicine that has been around for over 5,000 years.  The goal of acupuncture and the philosophy of eastern medicine is to bring the body into balance using meridian or energy points of the body.  "They realized these points actually flowed into each other and they made more of a flowing channel," says Dr. Schwartz. 

Many of Dr. Tricia's patients are referred by reproductive specialists within the medical community.  She's been able to help about 50% of the women who thought they had no hope of getting pregnant and become mothers. 

In August of 2003, Robyn went to Dr. Tricia for the first time, after two months and one last stab at IVF she was pregnant.

Baby Justice is now six months old and Robyn is a firm believer in acupuncture.  "That was the difference".

"She's now recommending Dr. Tricia to friends who are having trouble conceiving and Dr. Tricia is relishing the success of many of her new mommies are finding, "They walk through the door and most of them are face to face hugs of them saying thank you we're expecting.  It just sends shivers through my body."

By: Shelley Keohane Reprinted from


Five years ago, I was referred to Natural Arts Chiropractic & Acupuncture by a friend.  New to town, I needed a Chiropractor to provide relief for chronic neck pain caused by a car accident in 1999.  I started with the Chiropractic adjustments, and added the Acupuncture after about 6 months.  I was thrilled when I found immediate pain relief following my very first acupuncture appointment.

Because of the success, I continued regular acupuncture treatments for several months.  During one visit, Dr. Smith suggested that if I strengthened my neck and shoulder muscles, my adjustment would hold longer, and wouldn't have to come in as often.  With this suggestion, I started to work out at a local gym.  Not only did that work, but within 1 year of my new exercise program, I became a competitive body builder at age 47! 

Currently, I come in for adjustments about once every month or so.  I can't say enough wonderful things about the treatment I've received at Natural Arts.  I have never once felt that they were trying to get me into a regular routine of visits, like I had experienced with other Chiropractors.  I've always felt like they really wanted me to feel better, reach a maintenance level, with less frequent visits.  The doctors and staff are all wonderful.  Although I love to see them, I prefer coming in less often.  - J. Nelson


Brian Wohnoutka has had migraine headaches since he was 15 years old.  The recurring pain drove him into a hospital, where he had a brain scan looking for an aneurysm or a tumor.  Everything was normal.  Except it wasn't. "Doctor's suggested taking Excedrin to deal with the pain at the onset of a headache." says Wohnoutka, 44, of Luverne, MN.

His headaches continued, worsening through the years.  Two decades later, he was taking eight to 10 Exedrin a day and dealing with stomach problems caused by the medication.  Doctors switched him to Inderal in an attempt to reduce the intensity and frequency of his daily headaches.  "The drug worked well at first," Wohnoutka says, "but by the end of 2004 (it) seemed to be weakening".

Headaches compromised his life.  Wohnoutka, vice president of Minnwest Bank, was determined to limit the number of drugs he was taking.  But more than that, he wanted to be free of pain.  So he began researching acupuncture, a practice many others in the Western world have begun turning to for a variety of reasons. 

At the beginning of 2005, Wohnoutka went to Dr. Tricia Smith, a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and co-owner of Natural Arts Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Sioux Falls.  "After the initial first month, I haven't had a single migraine headache," he says.  He continues getting a treatment every four to six weeks.

What is it?

Acupuncture is an ancient traditional Chinese health science that uses pressure points and meridians on the body to relieve pain or affect a body part.  The practice is becoming more widely accepted to the point that some insurance companies are paying for the procedure - Wohnoutka's insurance pays for his treatments - and medical doctors are recommending acupuncture to their patients.  One telling fact is the listing of six acupuncturists in Sioux Falls' yellow pages.

The region is open to nontraditional methods of healing, says Dr. Schwartz, who is in practice with her husband, Dr. Tracy Smith, also a chiropractor and acupuncturist.  About 80% of her patients come in for acupuncture.   

Wohnoutka started with three treatments a week.  He had a few queasy thoughts about the process.  "I was thinking of needles and wondered what it felt like." he says.  But the soothing atmosphere calmed his apprehension.  "Approximately 33 needles are placed in precise locations from head to foot."  Wohnoutka says.  He describes "only a light tingle" when they're inserted.  The needles are rotated after 20 minutes, and the whole procedure takes about 40 minutes.

By: Dorene Weinstein (Reprinted from Argus Leader)


"I started going here for back pain years ago and whenever a problem arises, they fix it quickly.  I was given home exercises which made a difference in how often I'd have to go in, MUCH LESS!  This was the first office that took their time, fixed me up, and when done said 'Come back if you need to'.   I would hands down recommend Dr. Tracy to anyone who needs a chiropractor." - J.J.


Deb Lee, 41 sought treatment for fertility problems.  "I had been told by a fertility expert that I would never be able to have a baby because of my age and that my ovaries had shut down," she says. "My husband and I were crushed."

Her best friend encouraged her to see Dr. Schwartz for acupuncture. She couldn't find a reason not to go.  "I had nothing to lose," Lee says. "Either way I wouldn't come out of the situation with a baby; who not try something natural? We decided to try a more natural approach." Three months later, she was pregnant.  Lee's little boy is now 9 months old.  "Instead of spending thousands of dollars and having a 10 to 20 present chance of conceiving, we spent a few hundred dollars and conceived." she says

By: Dorene Weinstein Reprinted from Argus Leader


I was diagnosed with PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome) and was seeing a specialist in order to get pregnant. I was put on medications to induce ovulation.After a year with no success, our DR. suggested we try In-Vitro Fertilization. He also recommended acupuncture to increase our odds and referred us to Dr. Smith.

Since IVF is such an expensive and sometimes difficult procedure, we decided we would do anything that might help. I was very afraid to try it at first, thinking the needles would hurt. I was pleasantly surprised to find the whole process very relaxing.

The facility is very calming and I was able to spend that time focusing on the baby we so desperately wanted. Dr. Smith and his staff were so kind in explaining everything as we went along. And most importantly our hard work was rewarded with a beautiful healthy baby girl on our first try! Thank you Dr. Smith! - K.L.


I dealt with infertility for years due to endometriosis.  I started going to Natural Arts Chiropractic & Acupuncture and seeing Dr. Tricia Smith for acupuncture.  It allows blood to flow where it is needed to optimize your chances of getting pregnant and allows you to completely relax.  Dr. Tricia is a very caring and understanding woman.  She wants nothing more than a positive outcome.  I am so fortunate to have her and acupuncture as part of my fertility journey.  I am now a mother of twins and feel that acupuncture played a key role in the success of becoming pregnant and carrying my children.  - Tara V.


Thank you for taking me as a patient and helping my husband and I fulfill our dreams to become parents.  After 2 ultrasounds, I can confidently say we are pregnant! ... and due June 1.  We are so thrilled and grateful to those who have helped us along the way.  Thank you.  - J.W.


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