After seeing a Chiropractor for a football injury in high school, I thought to myself 'I like this work, I can see myself doing this, and I'll be way better than this guy at it!' ....just kidding Dr. Carr :) I mapped out my schooling and never looked back.

As I update this bio in 2021, we've been doing this now for 20 years.  We enjoy our days here and Tricia and I each have different areas we like to specialize in so to speak. This allows us to cover a lot of ground in terms of the all the various problems people present with.  We freely refer back and forth with various medical providers and we greatly value those relationships since people can quickly get in front of the right person for the problem they have.  Both medicine and chiropractic providers need to re-evaluate their 5 year old level fights they still have.  Newsflash, you can do both!  (helpful hint: look for those providers who are more open minded in their approach, they're more talented :)

Over the years I have utilized our services to treat a bit of an injury list; ruptured discs in both my neck and lower back, a torn rotator cuff, and a significant knee injury.  Without question, this has given me great insight into providing better services to our patients; relating to them understanding the frustration of not being able to do what they want to, what to expect, and ultimately the only thing that realllly matters to people...'man, how do I fix this?'

Personally, obviously I am married to this talented and beautiful woman who I work with every day.  (huge brownie points for me if she ever reads this....or if you tell her I wrote this that would be very helpful).  People often ask 'how do you two work together all day?!'  Well, for one, we don't sit in a cubicle staring at each other, I mean, I could do that (even MORE brownie points) but I'm guessing she'd not last as long.  We have 5 kids that are growing up on us quickly; a nurse, a professional beach volleyball player, a college student, and two yet at home making their way through the awkward braces and pimple years of junior high and early high school.  I love spending time with my family and friends, golfing, cooking good food, getting some workouts (relative term these days) in, watching sports, and enjoying my time as we all make our way around the sun. 


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