After seeing a Chiropractor for a football injury in high school, I thought 'I like this, I can see myself doing this'  I mapped out my schooling at 16 and never looked back.

We've been fortunate enough to do this for 20+ years.  Tricia and I each have different areas we like to specialize in which allows us to cover a lot of ground in terms of things we treat.  We seamlessly integrate with medical providers, which provides the best outcomes for people. 

Over the years I have utilized our services to treat a bit of an injury list; ruptured discs in both my neck and lower back, a torn rotator cuff, and a significant knee injury.  Going through these things has put me on the receiving end of care and provided me with invaluable insight into providing better care.  

I often describe what we do here as a mixing of various treatments in combinations that fit what the person needs to get better.  We are chiropractors who are very efficient in the use of acupuncture, soft tissue therapies, modalities (ultrasound, e-stim therapy) and home rehabilitative exercise programs.  I ran physical rehab programs in my training during schooling and my first clinic post graduation.  I have used those same principles in integrating those therapies with our patients here.  My wife is an avid exerciser with core / yoga and we often implement those concepts into what we do here as well, along with her second to none skills in acupuncture, which are well known in this community.

Personally, I am married to this talented and beautiful woman who I work with every day.  (huge brownie points for me if she ever reads this)  We have 5 kids that are growing up on us quickly; a nurse, a professional beach volleyball player, a college student, and two yet at home making their way through school.  I love; spending time with my family and friends, golfing, cooking, getting some exercise in, watching sports, and enjoying every day that I'm here in this great country. 


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