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A healthy diet is the key to living your life to its fullest potential and without it,  you can never truly achieve total health.  You cannot exercise your way out of a bad diet, working out till your blue in the face will only get you so far if your diet does not include plenty of green leafy vegetables or lean protein and limits sugary processed foods.  The typical American diet is extremely high in sugar and processed foods these days, and we do not think its a coincidence our country's health has been in steady decline as a result.  We are now more over-medicated than ever before, and our lack of quality nutritious food on a regular basis is the culprit.

We teach our patients how to eat healthy, what choices to make, and implement systems to help people get back to a healthy weight where they can focus on living healthy. 

We offer weight managements programs to assist people in starting this process.  We utilize Meal Shake Replacements and are in the process of adding more programs to help people kick start weight loss.

Vitamins & Herbal Supplements

We utilize pharmaceutical grade supplements in our office because with most of these things, you typically get what you pay for.  Our products are 3rd party certified to ensure what it says on the label is what is in the supplement.  This means the products have a high bioavailability, which essentially means you will absorb most of it.  Ask yourself this, what good is a cheap supplement if it is not useful to your body if because you only absorb 5% of it.  Our products ensure a high 90 percentile bioavailability.  This does not mean our products are insanely expensive, they are affordable, it just means we don't carry cheap and poor quality products.

The herbal supplements we use are pre-formulated compounds that are specifically used after careful assessment of your health pattern.  These herbal formulas are safe and effective and we are careful not to use any formulas when contraindicated by a particular condition you have or prescription medication you are on. 

We provide a vast array of vitamins including mutliple vitamins, Vitamin D3, High grade Calcium, and EPA-DHA Fish oils that do NOT taste like fish.  We also have Somnolin, an excellent supplement to provide restful sleep.

We also offer Theracurmin, a very potent natural anti-inflammatory that can be used in place of harmful over the counter pain relievers.  Theracurmin has NO side effects on your cardiovascular system, kidneys, or liver!

Prescription Drugs & Supplement Interactions

A common myth is that it is not safe to combine prescription medications with supplements including vitamins and herbs.  While there are certain drug/supplement interactions that are unsafe, most medications can be used safely with supplements. 

To ensure you can safely take a supplement with a prescription medication, refer to the government website HERE 

Blood Tonifying Foods

In Acupuncture, a principle concept is that of Qi (pronounced Chee).  Qi is energy that passed through your body through channels called meridians.  When Qi is disrupted, the body becomes ill.  A main component to keeping strong Qi is blood, it is considered the "mother of Qi".  In order to maintain strong blood, which we call "Tonifying" the blood, you have to eat the right foods. 

Foods to tonify blood:

Beef, liver, green leafy veggies, green food mixes, chlorophyll, beets, carrots, seaweed, shitake, yam, apricot, cherry, berries, dates, brown rice, oat, quinoa, legumes, goat milk, salmon and soy. 

Herbs to tonify blood:

dang gui, goji berries, he shou wu

Foods to avoid:

coffee, cold and raw foods


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