Pain Killer Crisis

95 million Americans used prescription pain killers this past year, 4x as many as 1999. Everyday, approximately 1,000 people are treated in emergency departments for not using them as directed, and 91........say that out loud.....NINETY ONE..people DIE every single day from opioid overdose. WOW.

The CDC recommends a 3 day prescription for opioids, but 99% of physicians reported to the National Safety Council (NSC) that they prescribed opioids longer than 3 days, and 23% indicated they prescribed them up to 30 days, which is a long enough time to cause changes to the patient's brain chemistry. Addiction anyone?

Short term over the counter NSAIDS are better, but not a long term solution. Ibuprofen and Tylenol destroy liver/kidney function and increase risk of cardiovascular disease. The evidence on this is overwhelming, yet because you find them everywhere, people assume they are 'safe'.

What to do? Chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, better diet, exercise, supplementation.... Its MUCH easier than you may think. Want to feel better? Get adjusted and mix in these other things in a manner that provides you with intermittent care and it will change your life. It allows you to become more active and once the ball gets rolling in a positive direction, its easier to become healthier and you become motivated to educate yourself to better your health and those you care about. We do all of this right here; treatment and education on what to take and when.

Both doctors here are in their 40s and do not take any prescription medications. For pain, they use high dosage high quality tumeric (Theracurmin), in combination with fish oil and Vitamin D3. Both get adjusted and use their own therapies, but not every day all the time, its periodic, and part of a lifestyle that encourages activity, healthy diet, and avoiding harmful medications that are typically unnecessary. There is a place for medications, but they are overused and abused and the results are undeniable, people are getting unhealthier and putting themselves at major risk.


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