Why Chiropractic? Easy...healthier and use less drugs.

A 2016 study "Association between Utilization of Chiropractic Services and Use of Prescription Opioids Among Patients with Low Back Pain", found a 55% reduction in the likelihood of people filling prescriptions for opioid pain killers in those people who had chiropractic care vs those who didn't.  That is an an incredible (and also not surprising..to us here anyway) statistic. 

In a nutshell, we offer you a healthier way to live your life.  We encourage; proper nutrition, proper body movements, proper spinal alignment and nervous system function, and decreased reliance on OTC and / or prescription medications.  It may sound simple; eat better, sleep well, exercise, get proper body treatment (chiropractic/massage/acupuncture/PT/yoga/etc), but its much harder to implement which is why people tend to fall into their old patterns.  A pill is just much easier...eating what people normally eat is just easier...  We break the patterns here and teach you how to live better, how to feel younger, more vibrant, have less restriction, and essentially go out and just do more things, be more physically active in your life. 

Get your spine adjusted, eat better, exercise more, sleep better, and overall you get to live your life a little (or alot!) more.  Its that easy. 


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